100+ Inspiring Bearded Dragon Names for Male and Female

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Have you just welcomed a Bearded Dragon to your life with those big curious eyes and a spiky personality? I know exactly how you feel! That mix of excitement and wondering, “Now, what do I call this awesome creature?” Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s find the perfect name for your new buddy, one that’s as unique and cool as they are.

Aussie Bearded Dragon Names

Since bearded dragons originate from the deserts of Australia, you can pay tribute to your beardie’s original habitat with a typical Aussie pet name

  • Aussie, or Ozzie
  • Billabong
  • Mate
  • Boomerang for a male, Kylie or Kali for a female (the meaning is the same).
  • Wombat
  • Bikkie
  • Uluru
  • Kiah
  • Bluey
  • Sheila

‘Aussie’/’Ozzie’, ‘Kiah’ and ‘Bikkie’ can work either as male bearded dragon names or female bearded dragon names. The rest sound more male, though you should listen to your own intuition.

Speaking of Australia, if you are a reptile lover, you probably know Steve Irwin, the famous Australian “Crocodile Hunter” who sadly passed away in 2006. If you are a fan, you can consider names ‘Steve’ and ‘Irwin’ to honor him along with your beardie’s homeland.

You can also use one of Steve’s favorite exclamations: ‘Crikey’, which is an authentic Aussie expression of excitement or bewilderment. It makes a funny name for a bearded dragon.

If you think you are that this is all too silly or looks like a mockery, you should know that some serious biologists have given a scientific name Crikey steveirwini to a newfound Australian snail species. So it’s all right!

bearded dragon basking

Dragon Beardie Names

Human imagination has created plenty of well-known and simply awesome dragon figures, both in mythology and in popular culture.

Consider these dragon names for your male beardie:

  • Draco
  • Drake
  • Griffin
  • Falkor
  • Smrgol
  • Bryagh
  • Gorbash
  • Smaug
  • Orochi
  • Rhaegal (One of Daenerys Targaryen’s powerful dragons from Game of Thrones)
  • Saphira (The strong and loyal dragon from the novel Eragon)
  • Drogon and Viserion (Daenerys’s other two powerful dragons from Game of Thrones)
  • Vermithor (House of the Dragon) The mighty “Bronze Fury” once ridden by King Jaehaerys I Targaryen
  • Errol (The clumsy but lovable family dragon in the Guards! Guards! novels by Terry Pratchet)
  • Elliot (The friendly, sometimes invisible, dragon from Pete’s Dragon)

Unfortunately, there are not many female bearded dragon names in the dragon category. For a girl beardie, you could use Greek mythology as a source and go with ‘Hydra’ or ‘Medusa’ (Medusa is not quite a dragon, but still quite a dragon/serpent-like character).

‘Ala’ is a Southern Slavic word for serpent or dragon-like beasts which could suit a female bearded dragon pretty well.

Funny Bearded Dragon names

Besides other qualities, bearded dragons make funny pets. That is why you should check out some amusing names for your pet dragon to suit his bearded charm.


    • (for their flat shape)

Spike (an obvious yet funny choice)

Grumps (they can have a grumpy expression!)

Dozer (because they love to bask and nap)

Ziggy (for their zigzagging movements)

Rango (after the lizard hero of the animated film)

Royal Bearded Dragon Names

Although I generally advise against giving common human names to pets, there is one exception. Some people get the kicks out of giving their beardies names typical for royal families.

That somewhat strange decision can come from various reasons – from referring to the conspiracy theories about ‘Reptilians’ to mocking monarchies, but for most people, it is about the sheer fun of it.

It is so amusing because beardies often display a confident, calm, almost-royal attitude (although their manners fail dramatically from time to time). It is no wonder that some owners consider nothing less than royal treatment for their pets, and that includes a royal name as well.

Here is a list of names that are common within the most famous royal family in the world – the English Royal Family:

  • Albert
  • Elisabeth
  • Charles
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Victoria
  • William
  • Alternatively, you can go with titles that describe the royal status, such as:
  • Duke
  • Dutchess
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Majesty

And last but not the least, there is the legendary King Arthur. Besides his first name, the legend says that King Arthur had quite an interesting family name: ‘Pendragon’.

Snobbish and Artsy Bearded Dragon Names

However, a name doesn’t have to be factually royal to sound royal.

For example, giving your male beardie a famous European writer or poet name might give him the noble, snobbish streak you’ve been looking for:

  • Shakespeare
  • Byron
  • Oscar
  • Verne
  • Cervantes
  • Goethe
  • Dante

Cute Bearded Dragon Names

Similar to the royal names, sometimes finding cool bearded dragon names doesn’t mean a perfect match, but an original contrast.

Beardies have a rough skin and tiny horns on their frog-shaped heads. They also stick out their tongues when eating and they can be quite messy.

How better to contrast those looks than with names such as:

  • Peaches
  • Fluffy
  • Powderpuff
  • Snickers
  • Mushy
  • ChocoChip
  • Vanilla
  • Marshmallow

baby bearded dragons basking

However, it is not all about opposites. Remember that the beardie’s sweet temperaments are what made them one of the most popular pet reptiles. There is a Fluffy or Marshmallow hiding in every well-tamed beardie, behind all their spikes.

Cute Names as Unisex Bearded Dragon Names

Another cool feature of the cute bearded dragon names is that they can all be considered unisex.

Why do unisex bearded dragon names matter?

If you got yourself a young baby beardie, it is unlikely that you will be able to determine its sex for at least a couple of more months. Some owners are not ready to wait that long to give their pet its definite name.

In these cases, unisex names – those that will do for both sexes – come as a rescue. And the cute unisex names are ideal baby bearded dragon names. If you can’t figure out why – just look at baby beardie pictures for a while.

Some other unisex names have been pointed out through the article.

Badass Bearded Dragon Names

Now, something completely different. If you are not into cute stuff and you want to give your beardie a badass name, you are in luck – there is a huge number of themes and concepts to feed your imagination.

However, many common badass names such as Butch, Godzilla or Rocky got quite shabby. Let’s find something original.

Pirate Bearded Dragon Names

For example, for a boy bearded dragon name, take a look at these pirate-inspired names:

  • Blackbeard (I guess you can easily see why this one is perfect for a beardie)
  • Hook
  • Captain
  • Flint (Inspired by the fearsome Captain Flint from Treasure Island)
  • Calico (Refers to the colorful patterned fabric associated with pirates)
  • Jack
  • Pirate
  • ‘Pearl’ is a bit softer and can be a unisex pirate name.
  • Whydah’ was a famous pirate ship, and since ships are usually considered “female”, there’s one girl bearded dragon pirate name.
  • Anne (After the real-life female pirate Anne Bonny)

If you have a male-female couple of bearded dragons, it would be funny to name them ‘Jolly’ & ‘Roger’ – inspired by the pirate flag, Jolly Roger.

Ruthless Ruler Name

Another badass option is to give your dragon a name of a famous (or infamous) historical ruler or emperor.

Male Badass Ruler Names

  • Caesar
  • Attila
  • Vlad (count Dracula’s historical first name)
  • Herod
  • Ivan (“the Terrible”)
  • Thor (The mighty Norse god of thunder)
  • Loki (The cunning Norse god of mischief)
  • Blaze
  • Talon
  • Jörmungandr (The fearsome world serpent of Norse Mythology)
  • Ragnar (Legendary Viking hero)

Female Badass Ruler Names

  • Cleopatra
  • Suiko
  • Agrippina
  • Zenobia
  • Margareth
  • Valkyrie (Powerful female warriors from Norse Mythology)
  • Mulan (Legendary Chinese warrior woman)
  • Artemisia (Warrior queen who fought alongside the Persians)
  • Theodora (Powerful Byzantine empress)
  • Elizabeth (As in Elizabeth I, the strong-willed “Virgin Queen” of England)
  • Catherine (As in Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia)

And if you want to make your friends twist and tie their tongues, go with the name of the most long-standing female ruler of ancient Egypt – ‘Hatshepsut’.

petting bearded dragon

There are more popular versions of badass bearded dragon names – for example, dinosaur names or villain names. Some dragon names I listed above are pretty badass as well.

Naming Your Beardie – the Basics

So, those were just a few ideas to get your imagination rolling! Naming a bearded dragon is a little different than picking a name for your fluffy dog or mischievous cat. Beardies have their own special vibe – a mix of chill, goofy, and a dash of prehistoric badassery.

If you’re still feeling a bit lost or want even more inspiration, consider these things in your mind to name your scaly companion

Does your beardie love to bask in the sun all day or are they an energetic explorer? Is their expression a bit grumpy, or are they the picture of sweetness? Their unique quirks and temperament can be a goldmine for naming ideas.

Take inspiration from your bearded dragon’s colors and patterns. A fiery orange beardie could be called Blaze or Ember, while a sandy-colored friend might suit the name Dune or Pebbles.

Fans of movies, books, or video games will find endless possibilities! How about Smaug (from The Hobbit) for a fiery-tempered beardie, or Norbert (inspired by Hagrid’s pet dragon in Harry Potter) for a gentle soul?

Bearded dragons hail from Australia, so a name with an Aussie twist can be super fun! Think Bondi, Sydney, or even just Mate for a laid-back vibe.

Don’t Rush! Live with your bearded dragon for a few days before settling on a name. Let their personality shine through, and the perfect name might just reveal itself.


I hope you enjoyed our list of bearded dragon names and that it has helped you to find a perfect name for your pet – or at least derive some inspiration.

I can’t promise that these are the best bearded dragon names out there, but they are surely original.

How did you name your beardie? Was the name hard to choose? And when picking a name, did you consider the beardie’s tough side or soft side? Let us know in the comments – we would love to hear from you!

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Katarina Samurovic

Katarina is an environmental analyst and has been involved in herpetology research. She's been keeping reptiles for 20 years, mostly different species of turtles and leopard geckos. Her 2 lovely leos, Sonya and Mia are 21 and 20 years old.

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Picture of Katarina Samurovic
Katarina Samurovic
Katarina is an environmental analyst and has been involved in herpetology research. She's been keeping reptiles for 20 years, mostly different species of turtles and leopard geckos. Her 2 lovely leos, Sonya and Mia are 21 and 20 years old.