9 Best Ball Python Hides

Are you looking for the best ball python hides? Wondering what these hides should contain and why they are so important for your snake’s health and well-being? Get the inside scoop on all the top hideouts for your pet and discover why they need it. Dive into this guide to find out more!

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Do you know that a ball python needs more than just food and water to stay healthy? They also need a hide, which is an important element of their enclosure. Ball pythons are naturally timid creatures, needing a secure and safe abode to feel comfortable. As mostly terrestrial and crepuscular animals, they will tend to hide from daylight hours.

A good hide provides an optimal microenvironment for them to hide, sleep and digest their food properly. While choosing the hides, make certain it has the following features:

  • Strong and solid
  • Secure
  • Safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic material
  • Natural look
  • Assist with sedding
  • Proper size

Let’s explore the nine best possible hiding spots for ball pythons and explore why these creatures require them and what key characteristics to look out for.

Why Does a Ball Python Need Hides?

Ball pythons are nocturnal animals that seek out a sheltered, dark area to inhabit. Hides create an atmosphere similar to their natural habitat in the wild, which can help calm your snake and improve its overall health.

As stewards of pet ball pythons, it is our duty to equip their enclosures with adequate hiding spots. This is imperative because:

  • These also give your ball python the opportunity to regulate its body temperature by basking during colder weather and retreating during warmer weather.
  • Hides provide your pet with a sense of security which can help them to feel more relaxed, making them easier to handle during interaction time.
  • Hides provide your pet with a place to go after eating to help them avoid any potential stressors in the environment, such as bright lights or too much handling.
  • Additionally, hiding spots are important for promoting shedding as they provide areas where the snake can rub against rough surfaces to remove old skin.
  • Offering multiple hiding spots within its habitat will give your ball python the opportunity to explore and exercise its natural instincts of hiding away from predators.
  • Finally, a hide also provides a spot for your ball python to lay its eggs if it is female.

For the optimal health of your beloved ball python, I urge you to provide a damp hide box in its habitat so that it can access adequate humidity as and when needed.

How Many Hides Does a Ball Python Need?

To keep your ball python comfortable, I recommend adding two hiding spots in the enclosure – one at each end. Make sure to place a hide on the warmer side of its environment and another on the cooler end for optimal comfort. Stuff one or both of the hides with sphagnum moss to create a humid hide, offering your beneficial pet humidity during their shedding process.

Nevertheless, including additional hiding spots in your enclosure will provide a sense of security and contentment to your ball python as they tend to spend the majority of their time tucked away.

What Makes Good Hide for Ball Pythons?

Picking an appropriate hiding spot for your ball python is of the utmost importance. To ensure you select the most suitable hide, I’ve outlined some key requirements that will guide you through this process.

Strong & Solid

Ball Pythons require something robust and stable to conceal themselves in or beneath. Your python will wedge itself into the hiding spot, coil up and doze off or just chillax. Furthermore, your pet will investigate its surroundings by slithering around the tank and climbing over its hideouts.

Consequently, it is essential that you select a secure hide that won’t topple when placed inside the enclosure- one which stays solid even with movement!


When hunting for a safe haven to conceal your ball python, be sure to purchase one that provides them with security and comfort. You’ll want to opt for an abode with only one entryway so they can feel sheltered in the space. This will give your pet reptile the solace it needs!


Carefully analyze the hide you’re selecting for your ball python, as it must be safe. Avoid any hides that possess sharp edges since they can cause harm to your pet. To ensure the prevention of such injuries, inspect all hides before placing them inside the enclosure and use sandpaper to smooth down any rough or jagged edges.

Easy To Clean

You must routinely clean and disinfect the hides to ensure your ball python enclosure remains pristine and healthy. Look for a hide that is straightforward to scrub, soak, disinfect, and return to its habitat quickly so bacteria or mites won’t build up on it!

Non-Toxic Materials

It is important to choose non-toxic materials for the hide to ensure your snake is not exposed to harmful toxins. Choose hides that are made from non-toxic materials like plastic, wood, or fabric to prevent any potential irritation or allergic reactions on your pet’s skin.

Natural Look

Ball pythons hail from a place abundant with natural resources, and it is necessary to emulate that environment when caring for them in captivity. A hide replicating nature – be it wooden, stone, or any other material giving the enclosure a natural look – should be chosen to make sure your reptile feels contented and robust.

Aid With Shedding

The snake hides beneath the chosen shelter and uses it as a support to shed off its old skin! Additionally, certain hides are equipped with rough surfaces (not sharp), which will aid your python in peeling away its worn-out scales.

Proper Size

When purchasing a hide for your reptile, ensure that it is slightly bigger than the size of your pet so it can feel snug and secure. Too large of a hiding spot will cause stress for a ball python; thus, you must purchase an appropriately sized one according to its current size.

As the python grows, you’ll need to upgrade its home in order to make sure that its needs are met at all times.

The 9 Best Ball Python Hides

Are you looking for the perfect hide for your ball python? It can be difficult to find one that is just right. To help you find the perfect hideout for your snake, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ball python hides to help you decide.

1. Hagen Exo Terra Snake Cave

exo terra ball python caveOffering a sturdy, secure environment for your reptile pet, the Exo Terra Snake Cave is designed to keep them stress-free in their enclosure. With natural moss included and capable of being dampened to create a moist hide or nesting box, this product blends perfectly into any terrarium design you choose! Reptiles can quickly slip inside when startled or rest comfortably on top – allowing your pet maximum comfort while they’re tucked away at home!

This hideout is the complete package for snake owners – it looks natural and provides a secure, stable place of refuge that will reduce stress over time. On top of that, cleaning up after your pet has never been easier!

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2. Exo Terra Reptile Cave

Exo Terra’s reptile cave is the ultimate refuge for your beloved ball python, with a realistic aesthetic that will seamlessly blend into any enclosure design. Not only does this hideout alleviate anxiety in snakes, but it promotes healthier living too! Made of food-grade resin and coated to prevent bacterial growth – cleaning up has never been so effortless!

This sturdy structure can withstand exploration without collapsing or instability; plus, its interior walls are made smooth to maintain humidity when they’re tucked away inside. Even the largest of ball pythons won’t be able to tip over this secure, durable cave, so you can safely add it to your pet’s living space.

Exo Terra hides are the most extensively available, with a delightful selection of sizes to pick from – including XXL for those extra-large female Ball Pythons!

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3. Zilla Bark Bends Hideout

Zilla Bark Bends HideoutIf you’re looking for a safe space for your slithering friend, the Zilla Bark Bends DΓ©cor log hideout is ideal. It was designed with security in mind and boasts an organic bark look that seamlessly complements both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Burrowing snakes love this space as it grants them overhead coverage – enabling them to escape predators or any other stressors they may encounter.

The smooth, non-porous surface of the faux log helps to prevent any harmful bacteria from developing. Its open edges don’t just provide entranceways into the shelter but also make cleaning convenient while providing you with peeks at what’s happening inside!

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4. Zilla Vertical Rock Cave

Transform your snake’s habitat into a realistic rock cave with the Zilla vertical rock cave! This durable and lightweight piece is crafted from superior-quality material, making it reliable for longer periods of time. It can be effortlessly attached to the walls of your terrarium using its supreme suction cup feature – or simply placed on the floor as desired.

To add extra security to your pet’s new home, a black window cling is included in this design. With so much versatility at hand, you can switch up the look of this enclosure as often as needed!

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5. Zilla Den Rock

Composed of a solid foundation, the Zilla Den Rock offers your reptile an exceptionally long-lasting hideaway. Not only does it enable them to safely climb and curl up within its walls without being jeopardized by collapse, but its non-porous material also prevents bacterial growth while remaining effortless to clean and maintain. Its natural color further aids in camouflage as well as thermal regulation for basking — making this handcrafted hide not just sturdy but truly indispensable!

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6. Zilla Rock Lair

The Zilla Rock Lair is a much sought-after refuge for ball python owners. It’s designed with a heavy top and side entrance, providing an ideal environment to maintain the necessary humidity levels in your pet’s habitat. This hide has an external texture that isn’t jagged but helps facilitate shedding in the most natural way possible, plus its sturdiness prevents it from moving or falling over easily.

Whether your pet is small or large enough, this hide comes in three different sizes so you can pick one accordingly–it also features a ramped entrance that reduces light within and mimics actual burrows found in nature!

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7. Zilla Herp Hotel

The Herp Hotel from Zilla is ideal for your scaled companion, offering a safe, comfortable hideaway with an included basking area. Its prehistoric design ensures it will perfectly accentuate the look of any tank. There are shallow stairs that make navigation to the top simple, even for young snakes! Moreover, this fabulous herp hotel is made from a non-porous material, which helps reduce bacterial risks and absorb unpleasant odors – making regular cleaning easy by simply soaking in soap & water before using reptile disinfectant, followed by drying out completely!

With sizes available to suit all ages, this wonderful hide offers comfort and security you won’t find elsewhere.

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8. Pangea Reptile Hide Box

Pangea Reptile Hide BoxThis hide box is the ideal space for your snake to take refuge, with a door placement that has been carefully crafted to nurture their sense of safety and reduce anxiety. Made from heavy 1/8″ plastic and incredibly durable, this affordable product can endure all kinds of abuse – whether it be through climbing or otherwise! On top of being easy to clean due to its non-porous surface finish, multiple sizes are available, so you can select which best suits your pet’s needs!

The small size caters specifically to hatchling pythons; the medium fits juveniles comfortably, while the large option is suitable for smaller adult ball python breeds. However, when your pet eventually reaches the full adult stage, an extra-large habitat should be suitable.

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9. Zoo Med Reptile Shelter (3 in 1 Cave)

Zoo Med Reptile Shelter (3 in 1 Cave)This multifunctional reptile shelter grants you three-in-one functionality. Simply by adding sphagnum moss, it can be used as a humid hide to help with shedding. Crafted from strong resin, this durable hide makes cleaning simple – just remove the lid and wash or sterilize it quickly.

Plus, you can keep an eye on your beloved reptile while they are inside, thanks to its removable top!

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Final Thoughts

Ball pythons thrive in the right kind of environment and with the right type of hiding places. The best way to achieve this is by providing your pet with multiple hiding options of various shapes and textures that are designed specifically for their needs.

From hagen exo terra snake cave to Penn-plex step rock cave and everything in between, there are plenty of options to give your pet reptile the privacy they need. Ultimately, the best choice for your beloved snake depends on its size, environment, and personal preferences – so make sure to research what will work best for them.

Have you used any of the mentioned hides? What hideout is your ball python like the most? Let us know in the comments! 

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Dr. Mohsin Iqbal

Dr. Mohsin is a licensed Veterinarian who is passionate about pets. He has been practicing in Veterinary Medicine for about five years. He hopes to help reptile owners improve their husbandry (environment, nutrition, and overall pet care). He has also been an active member of the Animal Rescue Organization, rescuing animals in need and providing them free medical treatment. In his free time, He enjoys spending time with his own pets, exploring hiking trails, and researching new and interesting reptile species.

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Picture of Dr. Mohsin Iqbal
Dr. Mohsin Iqbal
Dr. Mohsin is a licensed Veterinarian who is passionate about pets. He has been practicing in Veterinary Medicine for about five years. He hopes to help reptile owners improve their husbandry (environment, nutrition, and overall pet care). He has also been an active member of the Animal Rescue Organization, rescuing animals in need and providing them free medical treatment. In his free time, He enjoys spending time with his own pets, exploring hiking trails, and researching new and interesting reptile species.