189 Inspiring Ball Python Names for Male and Female

If you ever want your ball python to crawl to you when called, you’ll obviously need to pick out a good name.

Jokes aside, it’s always a great idea to name your python (or any pet, for that matter). It’s a fun way to bond and enjoy your pet, it’ll help you with record-keeping, and it’ll even give you a chance to show off your personality to other people.

Read on and we’ll give you some great ideas.

ball python named eve

There isn’t really a “wrong” way to name your pet. We were kidding around before about calling your snake by name, but in actuality, your pet won’t care about his or her way at all. This is all about you.

But many keepers struggle to name their reptilian pets. After all, things like “Fido” and “Lassie” don’t exactly fit snakes, lizards or turtles. So, we’ll share 189 different examples and try to get your creative juices flowing by discussing some of the things you may want to think about when picking a name.

Female Ball Python Names

There are dozens of great names for female ball pythons! We share a few of our favorites below.

  1. Anita
  2. Arabelle
  3. Beauty
  4. Bella
  5. Betty
  6. Bindi
  7. Brandy
  8. Bristol
  9. Cassie
  10. Dharia
  11. Dolly
  12. Electra
  13. Elle
  14. Giselle
  15. Helen
  16. Holly
  17. Hope
  18. Iris
  19. Kara
  20. Kira
  21. Layla
  22. Leia
  23. Margo
  24. Marley
  25. Pearl
  26. Sienna
  27. Wynona
  28. Xena
  29. Zoe

Male Ball Python Names

Got a male ball python? Be sure to consider the ones below!

  1. Bruce
  2. Clyde
  3. Colt
  4. Devon
  5. Gordon
  6. Jackson
  7. Jasper
  8. Jax
  9. Lenny
  10. Leo
  11. Logan
  12. Luca
  13. Oliver
  14. Pascal
  15. Peter
  16. Pier
  17. Ramsey
  18. Randy
  19. Ricky
  20. Sly
  21. Troy
  22. Walter
  23. Wayne
  24. Wilbur
  25. Woody
  26. Ziggy

Colorful Ball Python Names

Even normal-looking ball pythons are beautiful serpents, but modern keepers have a kaleidoscope of colors to choose from. So, color-oriented names certainly deserve consideration.

  1. Amethyst
  2. Aqua / Aquamarine
  3. Azul
  4. Cherry
  5. Cyan
  6. Fuchsia
  7. Goldie
  8. Gray
  9. Indigo
  10. Inky
  11. Olive
  12. Onyx
  13. Peach
  14. Pink
  15. Rosie
  16. Scarlet
  17. Silver
  18. Verde
  19. Violet

huge ball python

Mythical and Historic Ball Python Names

Snakes have played pivotal roles in several historical events, as well as many mythical tales. So, it’s only fitting that many keepers like to use names that are based around these personalities and characters.

  1. Alpha
  2. Apollo
  3. Athena
  4. Cleopatra
  5. Devil
  6. Diablo
  7. Dragon
  8. Eden
  9. Eve
  10. Gollum
  11. Hendrix
  12. Hera
  13. Hercules
  14. Hydra
  15. Jupiter
  16. Lucifer
  17. Mars
  18. Medusa
  19. Pegasus
  20. Spartacus
  21. Zena

Badass / Macho / Scary Ball Python Names

Even though most keepers know ball pythons are typically very docile, low-key snakes, they’re still very impressive animals. This means you may want to choose a relatively gruff name, so your pet gets the respect he deserves.

  1. Ace
  2. Apocalypse
  3. Banshee
  4. Beast
  5. Brutus
  6. Butch
  7. Captain
  8. Chief
  9. Danger
  10. Daredevil
  11. Diesel
  12. Evel Knievel
  13. Fang
  14. Gunner
  15. Harley
  16. Hulk
  17. Hunter
  18. Killer
  19. Magnum Bullet
  20. Monster
  21. Outlaw
  22. Rex
  23. Rocky
  24. Steel
  25. Titan

Geographical and Nature-Based Ball Python Names

Given that ball pythons are still “wild” animals, it’s a good idea to consider names that relate to neat places or things you’d find in nature. Personally, I’d recommend going with a relevant geographical name (I’d never name an African snake after a country in South America or Europe), but your pet won’t mind if you mix up the locations.

  1. Amazon
  2. Bengal
  3. Brazil
  4. China
  5. Cypress
  6. Dakota
  7. Florida
  8. Flower
  9. Gaia
  10. Georgia
  11. Hawthorn
  12. India
  13. Ivy
  14. Juniper
  15. Juno
  16. London
  17. Luna
  18. Mali
  19. Mulberry
  20. Myrtle
  21. Paris
  22. Raven
  23. Stormy
  24. Sydney
  25. Topaz
  26. Vegas
  27. Vienna
  28. Wren

Food-Related Ball Python Names

Have a ball python who loves to eat? Do you work in the culinary industry or just like to cook? If so, you should consider giving your pet a food-based name. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Avocado
  2. Banana
  3. Basil
  4. Burrito
  5. Cupcake
  6. Donut
  7. Ginger
  8. Guava
  9. Hamburger
  10. Mango
  11. Pesto
  12. Pickle
  13. Pringle
  14. Tequila Yucca
  15. Thyme
young ball python
Photo by Renee Grayson

Funny Ball Python Names

Many keepers like having a bit of fun when naming their snake. If this sounds like you, consider some of the funny, ironic and silly names below.

  1. Bam Bam
  2. Barney
  3. Buttercup
  4. Cactus
  5. Cosmo
  6. Cutie
  7. Dude
  8. Ghost
  9. Gremlin
  10. Gypsy
  11. Jagger
  12. Kitty
  13. Mickey
  14. Monty (Python)
  15. Nemo
  16. Nessie
  17. Piglet
  18. Precious
  19. Scales
  20. Slytherin
  21. Tank
  22. Toad
  23. Toto
  24. Vampire
  25. Yoda
  26. Yoshi

How to Choose a Good Name?

There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules about picking a ball python’s name; you can name your snake whatever you like. That said, we’d recommend thinking carefully about your personality, as well as your snake’s unique characteristics when making your choice.

For example, if you’re in culinary school, a food-related name seems like a no-brainer. Similarly, if you’re a history professor, or simply interested in the ancient world, you may find a mythical name is ideal.

Of course, if your snake has something truly unique about him – such as breath-taking colors or unusual pattern elements – you should consider basing his name around that. Perhaps “Ghost” for a hypomelanistic specimen or “Onyx” for an unusually dark specimen.

Ultimately, the most important thing is just that you pick a name you like. Your snake won’t mind one way or the other.

One final tip: Don’t ever name your snake something offensive. Even if you think it’s funny, you probably won’t find it amusing when you have to explain your snake’s name to your vet!

It’s Your Turn!

As you can see, there is no shortage of awesome ball python names for you to choose from. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to think about it, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

I’ve never come up with an especially awesome ball python name, but I did have a beautiful Sumatran blood python for many years with a fantastic name. As a bright orange, pointy-tailed snake, the name “Carrots” seemed appropriate. It became even more awesome when you consider her typical food source: rabbits.

Does your ball python have a particularly awesome name? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know what name you chose in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with your snake-keeping friends!

Picture of Ben Team

Ben Team

Ben is a life-long environmental educator who writes about the natural world. He’s kept and bred a diverse array of reptiles and amphibians over the last three decades, but he’s always been particularly fond of snakes in the genus Morelia and monitor lizards. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his beautiful wife and spoiled-rotten Rottweiler.


  1. My roommate has a ball and his name is Fluffy. Don’t let anyone tell you that furry mammal names don’t work for sneks 😂 Her vet has a giggle fit any time she brings him in! (Okay it was only two times she had to bring him in. Once for belly burn and once for a respiratory infection, both problems were immediately resolved and the causes identified and rectified)
    But definitely don’t discount the level of humor in naming your scaly friend something generally reserved for more furry companions.
    My California king snake is named Monkey (because I always wanted a pet monkey…so now I have a pet, Monkey. Plus he loves to climb)

    1. Hi Julie,

      That’s absolutely delightful! 😂 Naming pets often reflects our sense of humor, personal experiences, or desires. “Fluffy” for a ball python and “Monkey” for a California king snake are both brilliant and humorous choices. It’s always fun to have a little twist in naming conventions. It not only brings joy to the owner but also to anyone who hears about them. Thanks for sharing this fun tidbit. It’s a great reminder that naming pets can be a source of joy and creativity. Cheers to Fluffy and Monkey! 🐍🐵

    1. Willow,Luna,Cinnamon,
      Delilah,Autum,Ellie,Kate are my females
      Males are
      Mr. Miyagi,Deeks,Oscar, Sonic and Jethro Gibbs.

  2. i own one whos name is syth but ther ar 4 ball pythons all together one betty white(pure white baby) another syth (mine) aggresive one unnamed and leaf. then a 7 foot corn snake

    1. I have never seen a cornsnake that is 7 feet long. All mine have reached near 5 feet. Is your cornsnake a hybrid or? Most colubrids that can get that long(7’+) are eastern indigo, beauty snakes, cribos, coachwhip and false water cobras.

      1. It’s true that corn snakes don’t typically reach lengths of 7 feet. The largest corn snakes generally max out around 6 feet, with most staying comfortably within the 4-5 foot range. There are a few possibilities here. It could be that your corn snake has been misidentified. Other colubrid snakes can bear a resemblance to corn snakes, particularly when young. Alternatively, your snake could be a hybrid between a corn snake and another larger species like a rat snake.

  3. I have an 8mth old Ball Python who was given to me and I love her dearly.
    At first I was calling her baby girl only for lack of a better name… until 2 days after I fed her for the first time since I had gotten her(about a week)
    I came into the living room turned on her light and she was on top of her water dish “glass surfing” and I wondered why she was acting all frantic..then I saw where she had gone to the bathroom during the night in the opposite corner but the paper towels were soaked in urine too.
    I told her goodness gracious it’s only natural and your acting like such a diva about your favorite area being soiled. That’s when I changed her name to “Diva”
    She dislikes light of any kind,hates her basking lamp and will stay in her hide unless it’s totally dark. As I said…such a Diva lol.

  4. Okay, I’ve been trying to convince my parents to get me a ball python for a while now. The problem isn’t fear of snakes or anything, (my mom actually LoVeS them) it’s just their long lifespan. I read that they live about twenty to thirty years! Now I’m PERFECTLY okay with the commitment, but my mom is worried that when I go off to college, I won’t be able to bring my snek with me and she’ll be stuck with it for thirty years. We’ve already been through this conversation so many times tho and I proposed that I could get one of my (many) cousins to snakesit. She is still fighting me though. And I KNOWWWW, I could just get a corn snek or a milk snek or some other snek that doesn’t live that long…but I feel like ball pythons are better (mostly because they are sooooo cute). Also, I don’t really know what I would name my snek if I ended up getting one. I’m thinking about the names Voodoo, Avocado, Pandora, Cleopatra, Leonardo, and Theodosia (imagine if I had three sneks all named Cleo, Leo and Theo! xD) I also would love suggestions on what snek morph to get, I’m considering the panda pied morph. And LAST, I would like advice for caring for sneks in general, I’m COMPLETELY inexperienced in this and have never owned an animal (besides golden retrievers) before. I haven’t been doing any research but I absolutely intend on doing so. I already have two dogs, Beamer and Bentley. I’m so sorry for the long comment, xD. I’m also turning thirteen in a few months and REALLY appreciate suggestions. Have a great day y’all!

    1. Hi Willow. I’m sorry to be the party pooper here, but I agree with your mom. It’s a huge commitment, and you have no idea how much your life will change in the years to come. For example, I left my country to travel the world, and still travelling after 10 years. If you had told me I was going to do that when I was in high school. I wouldn’t have believed you. Since I left, I committed not to have pets even if I really wanted to. Things like this can wait, and it’s better for everyone. The day you know that you’re settled, you can think again about it. Until then, we have a full series of articles on how to care for ball pythons 🙂

  5. I’m convincing my dad to get a Banana Ball Python and if I do get one and it’s a boy I’m going to name him Minion get it because they love bananas!!!

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Picture of Ben Team
Ben Team
Ben is a life-long environmental educator who writes about the natural world. He’s kept and bred a diverse array of reptiles and amphibians over the last three decades, but he’s always been particularly fond of snakes in the genus Morelia and monitor lizards. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his beautiful wife and spoiled-rotten Rottweiler.